Archie Shepp – Attica Blues


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Format : 7 inch
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名サックス・プレイヤーArchie SheppによるImpulse!からの1972年の傑作アルバム「Attica Blues」から2曲が抜粋されて7インチ化!Galliano「Jus' Reach」でもモロ使われていたブラック・アフロ・ジャズ・ファンクの金字塔「Attica Blues」、トランぺッターCal Masseyの子供のヴォーカルがフィーチャーされたメロウ・スピリチュアル・ジャズ「Quiet Dawn」をカップリング!

AAttica Blues4:49
BQuiet Dawn6:12


Previously Japan-only 7” featuring two tracks originally released on Shepp's 1972 classic soul-jazz LP, 'Attica Blues'.

A powerful mix of psychedelic soul & jazz that retains Shepp’s political sentiment of his earlier works. 'Attic Blues' is a huge funk-soul composition, referring to a mass shooting of inmates at Attica Prison. Henry Hull's vocal sits on top of bass, layered percussion, wah-wah guitars, plus large horn and string sections to create a massive sound.

The big band, almost soundtrack-esque, 'Quiet Dawn’, is sung by the composer's 7-year old daughter. She floats on top of piano, strings, drums and rich layers of percussion.

Official Mr Bongo reissue. Licensed courtesy of Universal Music Group Limited.

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