fleet.dreams – Echoes of Ego

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Format : 12 inch
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With Echoes of Ego, the debut 12” on fleet.dreams’ newly formed Vinezza Records, the aim was to create an eclectic tapestry of magnetic rhythms that satisfied the listener equally in the club, a mix or at home. Insisting on sacrificing the mentality that dance music must follow a certain formula to be well received & instead pushing the envelope to challenge conventional notions of genre.

Semioptila sets the stage with a distinctively layered, percussive discussion. A repetitious rhythm is tethered loosely by a breathy, calmative vocal before introducing a lucid soft synth that shifts the narrative into a deep & tranquilizing sonic progression. Tan Gallant follows suit with a feverish, conga driven conversation. Intoxicatingly narrated by a meditative mantra & a stutterstepping, trance inducing melody that lines the velvet fabric with an effervescently galloping bass.

B side opener Deep Respire initiates a new chapter in this aural odyssey defined by dub adjacent mixing and instrumentation. Vaporous chords strike and drift across an ethereal landscape of hand drums and scattered hi hats, materializing in a lush and delirious environment. Title track, Echoes of Ego, bestows a celestial assemblage of kaleidoscopic textures with a rolling sub bass that pulsates in perpetual fervency. Gaining momentum at a meticulously calculated pace, wind chimes crescendo, making way for a sensual and spiritual harmonic consummation.

In a world of musical conformity, fleet.dreams stands as a beacon of creativity and a testament to the boundless possibilities of electronic music, ensuring that listeners remain captivated and curious. Written & inspired while traveling Mexico in the summer of 2023, Echoes of Ego is an introspective reflection of self via hypnotic percussive rhythms, resulting in a seductive ballad of tech meditation.


A1. Semioptila
A2. Tan Gallant
B1. Deep Respire
B2. Echoes of Ego



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