Ghoßt Assembly – I Miss Your Love

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ベテランDJであり、New Orderの作品にマネージメント等でクレジットされているAbigail WardがGhost Assembly名義で作品をリリース!80年代後半のハウス・クラシックへの強烈なオマージュ的作品で、ミックスにはBozak社のミキサーも使用されているとのこと!ダビーで妖しい雰囲気が最高のディープ・ハウス!

A1. Ghost Assembly - I Miss Your Love (Original)
A2. Ghost Assembly - I Miss Your Love (Radio Edit)
B1. Ghost Assembly - I Miss Your Love (Club Mix)


Veteran DJ and co-founder of Manchester Digital Music Archive, Abigail Ward, launches her new Ghost Assembly identity with 'I Miss Your Love', a raw and emotional homage to late 80's Chicago house.

A locked-on Fingers-esque melody bassline, pounding pianos, Italian organs and widescreen minor-key Solina strings will yank even the shyest onto the dancefloor early doors, but it's the mysterious, yearning, female 80s soul accapella that elevates the track to future classic status and has already seen the scene's most clued-up scratching their bonces for an ID.

'I Miss Your Love' was expertly mixed by PBR Streetgang's Bonar Bradberry through his Bozak mixer (the same model it is believed Larry Levan favoured), which imparts its own special magic, ramping up the hiss and Garagey authenticity.

It's no wonder that when Abigail sent the track to Ruf Dug, Manchester's much-loved tropical cyberpunk, he leapt at the chance to unleash it via his revered Ruf Kutz imprint, and a promising creative partnership began.

Abigail says of her debut: "I love house music that creates a sense of euphoric melancholy on the dancefloor. This is my attempt to evoke a certain kind of queer longing: going to a club, holding your secrets, knowing that you will leave alone. So you turn to the music for transcendence and companionship. Ultimately it's just you and the music. It's all you need... Growing up in the 80's, the first record I ever bought was a Shep Pettibone remix. I wanted to nod to his slamming style of drum programming. And I knew my first ever track would have to feature orchestra hit!"

'I Miss Your Love' is a paean to the broken-hearted and will possess the hearts and minds of those who see the dancefloor as a place of healing and solidarity. Fire up the dry ice, phone your connexion and get ready to fall in love...

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