Colin Curtis – Jazz Dance Fusion Volume Four (Part Two)


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Format: 2LP
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「The Jazz Dance Fusion」シリーズは、ジャズダンス、ラテンジャズ、フュージョンの名曲を集めたコンピレーションです。英国の有名DJ、Colin Curtisが手掛けるこのシリーズは、最初の3作が大好評。第4弾には、Venus Dodsonの「Mother Of The Future」、Mary Greer Mudikuの「I Face East」、野渡美帆の「Ponteio」などの楽曲が収録されています。第4弾パート2は、美しいゲートフォールドジャケットに収められた2枚組のレコードです。ジャズファンで新たな発見を求める方にぴったりの一枚です。Colin Curtisのキュレーションに感謝しつつ、この素晴らしいシリーズをぜひお楽しみください!


A1. Venus Dodson – Mother Of The Future
A2. Jacques Schwarz Bart – Mende
A3. Guinu – Eletromandinga (Extended Version)
B1. Stefano Di Santis – Nova Laze
B2. GeeW – Kyoto
B3. Mary Greer Mudiku – I Face East
C1. Alfredo Dias Gomes – Vaya Mulatto
C2. Juju – Wanting Touch (Instrumental)
C3. Nova Vida – My Only (Gee Mix)
D1. Lifetime – I'll Bet You Thought I'd Never Find You
D2. Tres-Men – Samba De-La Cruz
D3. Miho Nobuzane – Ponteio
D4. El Caballo Y Su Orquesta – Mambo De Papi


The Jazz Dance Fusion series is a compilation-based series collecting some of the finest songs in the Jazzdance, Latin Jazz and Fusion. Each volume is careful cultivated by the well-known British DJ Colin Curtis. After the first three successful editions, the fourth boasts tracks like 'Mother Of The Future" by Venus Dodson, 'I Face East' by Mary Greer Mudiku and 'Ponteio' by Miho Nobuzane, to name but a few. Volume Four Part 2 is spread across two pieces of vinyl housed in a beautiful gatefold vinyl. If you are a jazz fan looking for a compilation to expand your knowledge and love the style, then look no further than this one here! Thanks ro Colin Curtis for continuing to curate such a great series!

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