Marcellus Pittman - Pick Yourself Up

Unirhythm (US)SKU: UNI1008

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Condition : New
Format: 12 inch
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Underground house heads will very much be familiar with this tune. It has been circulating as a white label owned only by the coolest and most connected cats and now Detroit badman Marcellus Pittman does the right thing and gives it an official pressing on his own Unirhythm label. A-side jam 'Pick Yourself Up' (feat Crystal Procedures) is dusty, loopy, trippy house with swirling vocals adding to the late night feel, then 'Ode 2 Juan' slows things down to smoky basement house vibes with melancholic pads bringing hints of light to the muggy atmosphere.


A1. Pick Yourself Up (feat Crystal Procedures)
B1. Ode 2 Juan



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