Larry Heard – Alien


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Condition : New
Format : 2LP
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【名盤正規再プレス!】クラブ・トラックにディープという感覚を取り込んだ先駆者であるシカゴ・シーンのレジェンドLarry Heardが『Sceneries Not Songs』に続き96年にリリースした傑作アルバム『Alien』が18年振りにリマスタリングされ正規再発!オリジナル盤は一枚もののLpでしたが今回は2枚組でのリリース!深い音楽性に支えられたまるで映画のサントラのような多様性と実験性、彼特有の美しい旋律と叙情感に満ちたコードが紡ぎだす至高のサウンド・スケープ作品を全9曲収録!KORG 01/WやRoland D550、Oberheim Matrix 1000等を用いアナログだけでなくデジタル・シンセのひんやりした質感をも見事に取り入れた流石のサウンド・メイキングは聴き所満載!A2、B2、C3あたり必聴です!

A1: Faint Object Detection4:35
A2: The Dance Of Planet X8:10
B1: Micro-Gravity10:19
B2: Flight Of The Comet5:45
B3: DNA-RNA4:50
C1: Galactic Travels Suite11:18
C2: Cosmology Myth6:32
D1: Two Journeys : Journey To Deimos - Journey To Phoibos12:10
D2: The Beauty Of Celeste 5:53


Alleviated Records is proud to present a special re-issue of the Alien project. Larry Heard's productions always hinted at deepest outer space, but Alien was his first actual science-fiction record. It's almost as polished as the most mainstream dance production, but just as sublime as any Detroit producer. Heard's house roots often show themselves, while the chords and shimmering production make this an album almost on par with Heard's mid-'80s peak. The project was a recording & sound-development experiment that was mostly constructed around a Korg O1/W workstation keyboard that was left at Larry


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