Eddie Russ / Incognito – Zaius


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Format : 10 inch
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【Francois Kプレイ!再入荷!】DJ Harveyプレイの「Take A Look At Yourself」が人気のEddie Russ、レアグルーヴ好きにはお馴染みのこのキーボーディストによる名曲「Zaius」の新旧ヴァージョンをカップリングした10インチが登場!A面には1976年制作のオリジナル、そしてB面にはIncognitoによるカヴァー・ヴァージョンを収録!Incognitoによるこのヴァージョンは今回が初ヴァイナル化ですのでお見逃しなく!

A: Eddie Russ - Zaius

B: Incognito - Zaius

EXPANSION continue its series of 10”
CLASSICS back to back with the coolest
CONTEMPORARY takes of one awesome
track. First off is the 70s masterpiece by
master of the keyboards EDDIE RUSS, and
a definitive jazz funk classic, never before
released as a single, and originally from the
rare 1976 LP “See The Light”, issued on CD
by Soul Brother in 2008.
The newer version is by the UK’s jazz funk
and soul icons INCOGNITO. It’s an
especially recorded version that does not
feature on any of their albums and has been
extremely rare until this release on vinyl.
Incognito have just celebrated 35 years in
the business and are masters of the jazz
funk vibe and this version keeps faithful to
the original while being also the fresh and
vibrant sound we love from the group.
Watch out for more releases in the ‘back to
back’ 10” series which so far has featured
classics are makes by Johnny Hammond
and Norman Connors.

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