Tom Zé – Estudando O Samba


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オリジナル盤は3〜4万円の値が付く1976年のブラジリアン〜サンバ名作が正規復刻!カエターノ・ヴェローゾを中心とした音楽ムーブメント『Tropicália(トロピカリア)』の代表的作品の本作、伝統的でありつつも非常にコンセプチュアルな内容で、Rolling Stone誌による「100 Greatest Brazilian Albums of all-time list」にも選出、David Byrne(Talking Heads)もお気に入りという傑作中の傑作です!


A2A Felicidade3:19



A5Vai (Menina Amenhâ De Manhâ)2:19

A6Ui! (Você Inventa)3:02


B2Mâe (Mâe Solteira)3:43


B4Só (Solidâo)4:27




Incredibly unique concept album from the one and only, Tom Zé. As featured in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Brazilian Albums of all-time list (2007). 

One of Ze’s finest albums in our opinion, originally released by Continental Brazil in 1976 – a tough one to find at a good price in its original form now.

‘Estudando do Samba’ (or ‘Studying The Samba’) is a post-Tropicalia studio experimentation laiden with layers of hypnotic percussion, effects & samples that deconstructs the ‘samba’ form. Recorded during what was arguably his most creative period.

David Byrne found the record in Rio in the late 90’s and included several songs on his Tom Ze collection for Luaka Bop a few years later. At that time Tom was not recording or touring much; playing low-key shows in Sao Paulo and contemplating a move back to Irará to work at a service station owned by one of his cousins. Byrne’s project helped to reignite his career and he hasn’t looked back since.

 Official Mr Bongo reissue. Licensed courtesy of Warner Music UK Ltd.

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