MR. K / ACAPELLA ANONYMOUS(5x7 inch + 2 slipmats box)

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【Black Friday RSD Limited !!】DJ〜制作者御用達の定番アカペラ・シリーズ「Acapella Anonymous」をMr.KことDanny Krivitが7インチでオマージュした強力な5枚組ボックス・セットが登場!人気クラシックス「Let No Man Put Asunder」、「Weekend」、「Don’t Make Me Wait」、「You Don’t Know」等からRoland Clark「I Get Deep」等、Dannyらしいセンスでセレクトされた幅広いアカペラを収録!The Orbの名曲「Little Fluffy Clouds」でサンプリングされていたRickie Lee Jonesのヴォイスも嬉しい収録!驚異の80トラック収録、さらにスリップ・マットも付属!

Side 1
1."Love & Happiness"
2."Don't Look Any Further"
3."It Looks Like Love"
4."Do It To The Music"
5."Slave To The Rhythm"
6."Touch & Go"
7."Don't Make Me Wait"
8."I Need You Now"
Side 2
1."Buffalo Scream"
2."(I Wanna) Thank You"
3."Going So Soon"
5."T S O P"
6."Let No Man Put Asunder"
Side 3
1."Hold It, Hold It, Listen"
2."Can You Feel It"
3."Touch Me"
4."Must Be The Music"
5."Is It All Over My Face"
6."I Don't Know If It's Right"
7."Work That Body"
8."You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)"
Side 4
1."Wha'chu Goona Play Now"
2."Do You Feel Alright"
3."Pick Up On This"
4."Clap Your Hands, Stomp Ypur Feet"
5."Can We Do It Again"
6."This Generation"
7."Dis Poem"
8."Let Me Take You On A Journey"
9."Thriller (Spoken Word)"
10."L L Laugh"
Side 5
1."In The Beginning"
2."House Music Anthem"
3."House Is A Feeling"
4."Hot For You"
6."Grace In Your Face"
7."Want You To Know"
Side 6
1."What Is Love"
2."You Don't Know"
3."Make Your Body Rock"
4."For The Love Of House"
5."My House"
6."I Get Deep"
Side 7
1."Y'all Want This Party Started"
2."Work It To The Bone"
3."For The Same Man"
4."Nobody's Business"
5."Notice Me"
6."Music Is The Answer"
Side 8
1."Sing That Song You Bitch"
2."Not Everyone Understands House"
3."Ain't No Way"
5."Crash Goes Love"
6."Walk For Me"
7."Whores In This House"
8."Get Huh"
9."Let Me Suck Your Dick"
Side 9
1."One Step Beyond"
2."May The Funk Be With You"
3."Dearly Beloved"
4."Oh Yeah"
5."Little Fluffy Clouds"
6."Stand On The Word"
7."The Spirit's In It"
8."I Am Somebody"
9."Something's Got A Hold On Me"
10."Fall Down"
Side 10
1."This Is Something Special For You"
3."Scream For Daddy"
4."Feel Good, Party Time"
5."I Don't Want To Lose Your Love"
8."I Wanna See All My Friends At Once"
9."I May Not Be There When You Want Me"
10."Michael's Prayer"

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