Ability II – Pressure

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Format : 12 inch
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Ability IIの「Pressure」は、90年代のUKガラージとハウスの名作。オープニングの「Pressure Dub」は、深くて重厚なベースラインとリズミカルなドラムパターンが特徴。中盤のシンセサイザーのブレイクがクラブでの盛り上がりを誘う。次の「Pressure Vocal Mix」は、ソウルフルなボーカルが曲に感情の深みを加え、フロア全体を魅了する。特にサビのメロディは耳に残りやすく、何度もリピートしたくなる。最後の「Pressure Instrumental」は、ボーカルを排し、ビートとメロディの繊細なバランスを楽しむことができる。イントロからアウトロまで、細部にわたる精巧なアレンジが光る一枚。

A1. Pressure (radio mix)
B1. Pressure (extended dub mix)


UK artist David Duncan recorded only one EP as Ability II but it is one of those which has become an utter cult classic and much sought-after 12". The story goes that the bassline on this one was so deep the mastering engineer had a problem cutting it. There is no evidence of it on this reissue though - that bassline powers the tune perfectly as the plunging kick drums and dancing synths get you moving your body. Perfectly deployed vocals bring heart-aching soul as this most warm and dubby cut drowns you in timeless deep techno. Next to the gorgeous original mix is an extended dub for even more drawn-out late-night dance floor pleasures.

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