Kano – Turn It Up (Danny Krivit / Dr Packer Remixes)


販売価格¥3,530 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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 伝説のイタロ・ディスコ・プロジェクトKanoによる2021年の復活アルバムからのリミックス・カット!Danny Krivitや Dr. Packerによる安定感抜群なディスコ~ディスコ・ハウスなリミックスを収録!


A1. Turn It Up (Danny Krivit Extended Edit)
A2. Turn It Up (Les Inferno Dude Boogie Remix)
B1. Turn It Up (Fresco Edits Remix)
B2. Unconditional Lover (Dr Packer Remix)


FullTime Production is honored to present the new vinyl of "Kano - Turn It Up/Unconditional Lover" featuring remixes by Danny Krivit, Les Inferno, FrescoEdits and Dr Packer!

Pages and pages of music culture and clubbing packed into one vinyl!

Danny Krivit the living history of a world that no longer exists and thanks to him we listen to its vibes and imagine dancefloors on the edge of the underground.

Dr Packer Australian artist who boasts major collaborations, has released singles and albums for international labels and is also already featured in FullTime Production's catalog.

Les Inferno established Italian DJ and producer, mine of knowledge of Italian clubbing and vinyl connoisseur of the afrobeat, funk and disco genres.

FrescoEdits is an artistic project that has based its success from the love and art of sampling big hits as well as a label and a community.



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