Niko Tzoukmanis – Tales From The Silent City

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Format : 2LP
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前作「Hope Is The Sister Of Despair」が当店でも大好評だった数学の博士号を持つドイツのプロデューサーNiko Tzoukmanisによるアルバム!本作品でも洗練されたディープなアンビエントや、ダンサブルではないじっくり聴くタイプのテクノ・サウンドを展開!

A1. Through The Night
A2. Another Dawn
B1. Neutron City
C1. Way Home
C2. Flashback
D1. Sanskrit
D2. Fallen Angel


Deep electronic excursions from Niko Tzoukmanis

In the realm of computer-generated music, all compositions are essentially binary, consisting of zeros and ones, representing data and information. Within this binary structure, every musical event exists amidst a backdrop of unchosen possibilities, creating a sense of absence and mourning for what could have been. The bittersweet emotional quality often found in certain electronic music may stem from a combination of its underlying aesthetic principles, a yearning for a lost vision of the future, and the subtle interplay between presence and absence inherent in the creative process itself.

Released for the first time on vinyl and including 2 unreleased tracks, Tales From The Silent City is a deep electronic journey with the unmistakable Niko Tzoukmanis's sound and sensitivity. The album features sequences that shimmer and persist, while gentle pads offer soothing relief to weary listeners.
Tales From The Silent City not only draws inspiration from a nostalgic era of sequencer-driven music but also anticipates the trend of seeking solace in '90s-influenced ambient techno during uncertain times.

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