Escape From New York – Save Our Love


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Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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ブギー・ファンクとシンセ・ポップの絶妙な融合を楽しめる一枚。Escape From New Yorkの「Save Our Love」は、80年代のエレクトロ・サウンドとグルーヴィーなベースラインが特徴。ダンサブルでありながらメロディアスな展開は、一度聴いたら忘れられない魅力を持つ。派手なサウンドと甘いボーカルのコントラストが印象的で、クラブでもホームリスニングでも活躍すること間違いなし。この曲のエネルギッシュなリズムは、リスナーを瞬時にフロアへと引き込む力がある。80年代のエッセンスを現代に甦らせる、このトラックをぜひプレイリストに加えてほしい。

1. Save Our Love
2. Slow Beat (Dance Mix)
3. Save Our Love (Instrumental)

**Collectors Edition 180g Vinyl Edition**
**Includes Inner Sleeve Based on the Original 1983 Cover**

The original single from Escape From New York finally gets an official reissue. Originally released in 1983 ‘Save Our Love’ was released a year before ‘Fire in My Heart’ and sets out their highly effective fusion of New Wave, Disco, Italo and Post Punk. Featuring Jaki Graham and D.C Lee on backing vocals, the 12” also includes an instrumental mix and cult classic ‘Slow Beat’ (Dance Mix). Escape From New York were short lived and disbanded in 1984 following the release of ‘Fire in My Heart’, ultimately buckling under the pressure of commercial expectations for their innovative brand of pop music. Fast forward to 2023 and history has been kind and these singles are now regarded as being pioneering classics.

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