Balearic Mike And Kelvin Andrews – Down To The Sea & Back: Volume Tres (The Continuing Journey of the Balearic Beat)


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Format : 2LP
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Balearic Mike and Kelvin Andrews are onto a good thing with their Down To The Sea & Back series, returning for a third round of Balearic dreamscapes on one of the loose-fit genre's leading outposts, Music For Dreams. It's 10 years since the last collection graced our terrazas, and in that time there's been ample opportunity for the esteemed duo to burrow even deeper into the nooks and crannies of musical ephemera to find those rarified nuggets which conjure a thousand sun-licked reveries, whether under the auspices of outsider pop, bossa nova, new wave or proto-techno. Those tags might well throw you off course - it's safer to trust in the expertly curated vibe, which will wash over you like those balmy Mediterranean waves.


A1. Josete Ordoñez – Objetos Perdidos (Dagobert Böhm Version)
A2. Robert Williams – I Believe You're The One
A3. Lee Ryda – Electro Eyes
A4. Francisco – Heal Yourself
B1. Vidderna – Villfarelser
B2. Meo – Cikuana
B3. The Emperor Machine – Dying By Wits (Original Mix)
B4. Tri Atma – Yummy Moon (Long Version)
B5. Pressure Drop – Unify / Rip-Up (Instrumental)
C1. Enzo Carella – Malamore
C2. Ad Visser & Daniel Sahuleka – Giddyap-A-Go-Go
C3. Le Couleur – Underage (Original Mix)
C4. Sunshine Jones – Fall In Love, Not In Line (Extended Vocal Version)
D1. Car Crash Set – Fall From Grace
D2. Len – Steal My Sunshine (Version Idjut)
D3. M.Craft – She Sells Sanctuary


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