Beyonce – Cuff It

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Format : 7 inch
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Beyonceの大ヒット・アルバム「Renaissance」に収録されるも、アナログではシングル・リリースされていないダンサブルなナンバー「Cuff It」が7インチで!Beyonce本人が作曲とプロデュースを手掛け、Raphael SaadiqやNile Rodgers(Chic)らが参加したグルーヴィーなディスコ・チューン!B面には2003年のアルバム収録の粘土の高いファンク・チューン「Work It Out」をカップリング!


A1. Cuff It (explicit mix)
B1. Work It Out



Beyonce's seventh studio album, Renaissance, was one of her biggest to date back in 2022. It turned out plenty of big hits which got heard on dance floors all over the world and now one of them makes it to this cheeky 7". 'Cuff' was written and produced by Beyonce with additional help from Raphael Saadiq and The-Dream, amongst others, including Chic's Nile Rodgers. And you can hear that in the low-slung disco grovels and funky basslines that are the bedrock for Bey to do her vocal thing. 'Work It Out' comes on the flip for a more slow and percolating funk workout.


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