Biemsix – Find Your Own Meaning (Remixes)

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Format : 12 inch
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Biemsix’s ‘Find Your Own Meaning (Remixes)’ sees James Ruskin and Ryan Elliott deliver a remix each of the Berlin-based Italian’s debut LP while the release also includes the album mix of ‘Gonna Remember’ and a 12” edit of ‘No Matter When’ on vinyl for the first time. 

Ruskin’s arpeggio-fuelled remix of ‘The Payback’ is a snaking slice of machine funk, with the Blueprint boss letting the groove do the work while judiciously applied filter and LFO tweaks bring the track to life. The sine-wave melodics and 909 thrust of the album version of ‘Gonna Remember’ is a reflective but hefty A2, highlighting just how good this 2021 release was. 

Detroit’s man in Berlin, Ryan Elliott drops a jacking and stab-driven version of ‘Chemistry’, dubbing out chords and pitch-shifted vocal hits, delivering the perfect balance of trippy/propulsive sounds he does best. Closing out the EP is a tight, heads down 12” edit of ‘No Matter When’ - yet another aural reminder of ‘Find Your Own Meaning’s superb feel. 


A1. The Payback (James Ruskin Mix)
A2. Gonna Remember (Album Mix)
B1. Chemistry (Ryan Elliott Remix)
B2. No Matter When (12" Edit)



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