Cesar Mariano & Cia. – São Paulo • Brasil


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Format : LP
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Cesar Camargo Marianoは、1940年代にサンパウロで生まれた著名なブラジルのジャズピアニスト、作曲家、プロデューサーです。彼はElis Reginaとも共演し、今でも精力的に活動中です。

『Sao Paulo Brasil』では、Marianoらがジャズファンク/フュージョンの領域に挑戦し、素晴らしい結果を生み出しています。タイトで力強いドラムのグルーヴや緻密なアレンジ、シンセサイザーやパーカッションのレイヤーが、一曲目から物語を語りかけます。

この作品は、Mr Bongoの公式再発盤で、Sony Musicからのライセンスを受けています。

A1        Metrópole 5:55
A2        Estação Do Norte 4:02
A3        Fábrica 4:18
A4        Poluição 5:54
B1        Imigrantes 4:00
B2        Metrô 3:17
B3        Litoral 5:29
B4        Futebol De Bar 2:34


One of the finest Brazilian jazz funk fusion albums ever recorded; thoroughly deserving of its cult status. First official reissue outside of Brazil.

Cesar Camargo Mariano is a celebrated Brazilian jazz pianist, composer and producer, born in Sao Paulo in the 1940’s. He has played and worked with the likes of Elis Regina (to whom he was married at one point), Som Tres and Sambalanco Trio and still plays very regularly today.

‘Sao Paulo Brasil’ saw Mariano and co. step deep into jazz funk/fusion territory – and nail it. Tight, tough drum grooves, intricate arrangements, layers of synthesisers, percussion and FX transport and tell a story from the first beat.

Official Mr Bongo reissue. Licensed from Sony Music.

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