Dopplereffekt – Gesamtkunstwerk


販売価格¥5,490 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 2LP
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The stunning 3 12inch releases from Dataphysix records released in the mid 90's together on one double album/CD. Including amazing tracks like Scientist, Pornoactress, Sterilization, Rocket scientist, Cellularphone and Speak and Spell. This is almost as important for a complete techno generation as Kraftwerks Computerworld and Autobahn was for many in the 70's. Finally available again after being out of print for years!


A1. Cellular Phone
A2. Technic 1200
A3. Scientist
B1. Rocket Scientist
B2. Superior Race
B3. Satellites
B4. Plastiphilia 2
C1. Voice Activated
C2. Speak & Spell
C3. Denki No Zuno
C4. Sterilization
D1. Die Radiometre
D2. Pornoactress
D3. Infophysix
D4. Pornovision



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