Franck Roger - Cosmic Tree EP


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Format : 12 inch
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フランスのハウス・シーンの貴公子Franck Rogerが名門Nu Grooveから登場!デトロイトのヴォーカリスト/プロデューサーのRimarkableをフィーチャーしたディープなポエトリー・ハウスのA1他、丁寧に制作されたヒプノティックでフロア映え確実なディープ・ハウス・トラックを計4曲収録!


A1. Part Of My Soul

A2. The Music

B1. Radik’Hall

B2. Cosmic Funk

Parisian producer Franck Roger lands on Nu Groove with Cosmic Tree EP, a four-track outing of deep house perfectly at home on the legendary NYC label. An established DJ, crate digger and label boss of Real Tone Records, Franck is known for his loop-based approach to sound, with his focus on beats earning the respect of house heads and underground selectors worldwide. This latest offering demonstrates his distinct style flawlessly; ‘Part Of My Soul’ features Detroit tastemaker and radio stalwart Rimarkable, showing two trusted authorities at their best as Rimarkable’s vocals, combined with Franck’s production, add a cool downtown feel to the future classic. Franck goes solo for the next three, with ‘The Music’ carrying deep club weight, while ‘Radik’Hall’ brings with it a certain percussive groove as only Franck can. ‘Cosmic Funk’ is a love letter to the genre with synthy basslines, vocoder rhythms and spacey trebles combining in hypnotic bliss, completing this collection of modern deep house excellence with flair.

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