Genius Of Time – The Genius Of Time Vocal Series Vol.1

販売価格¥2,800 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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Aniara Recordings presents: the Genius Of Time Vocal Series. Building on their ever growing catalogue, it's time for a new path where Genius Of Time (aka Arkajo and Dorisburg) further investigate their deep affection for vocals. Rave Breaks paves the way: a radiant classic house leaning summer tune packed with uplifting notes, featuring the warm intimacy of Bassie Kay's voice. On the flip, the ethereal Endless takes a more introspective approach with vocal chops fused into a Genius of Time signature. Aniara's frequency for the sunny months ahead.


A. Rave Breaks feat. Bassie Kay
B. Endless



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