George Solar - Moonbeams


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DJ Support:Piet Blank [Blank & Jones] / Dj Ease [Nightmares On Wax] / Macca [Nts Radio] / Coyote / Mike Salta [Music For Dreams / Pete Gooding / Layne Fox [40 Thieves] / Chris Coco / Richard Dorfmeister [Kruder & Dorfmeister] / Bill Brewster / Simon Mills [Bent]. Plus Loads More.

'Moonbeams' is a wonderful and precious production from our friends George & Ken. The two click so well together and know how to create that magic moment soundtrack! Loving JEN’s sensitive vocals. This tune will be on our summer & sunset playlists for sure!

DJ Feedback: His stuff really grows on you the more you listen. V hypnotic. - BILL BREWSTER [UK]

Perfect for my show - DON LETTS [BBC RADIO 6, UK]

Proper deep Balearic business from THE downtempo master. - CHRIS COCO [UK]

Wow the drums on that first track are lush AF. Swampy. "Countermoon" is another fave, excellent groove on that. The whole release is so exotic-sounding, the sound palette is so rich and vivid, it's immersive. Really digging it, thanks Phil. You know how to pick 'em!! - VINYL DREAMS RECORD STORE [SAN FRANCISCO, USA]

More beautiful sounds thanks, Moonbeams is a real beauty but really enjoyed the deeper feel of Countermoon and the dreamy Medialuna in particular. A classy release thanks, will be playing on my Music For Dreams shows and sunset sessions over the Summer - ED MAHON [COWBELL RADIO, UK]

What a cool assortment of stuff, George and co! I'm Digging it all but my faves would probably be Moonbeams, Countermoon and the reprise. Great release! Wondering if you need a remixer for it? If so, I'd like to offer myself in consideration for Moonbeams, particularly the reprise, which I think would resonate with my style quite well... Hearing it in my head as I type! Or even Countermoon... Anyway, thanks for the consideration. Loving it! - COLE ODIN [USA]

A truly unique laidback sound, summer bliss! - DAVID PICKERING [ONE MILLION SUNSETS, MANCHESTER, UK]

Gorgeous and atmospheric tones for a summer's afternoon. - GARETH POTTER [WALES, UK]

Beautiful music. Hard to pick a stand out. 2 or 3 listens through so far. Love them all! - ROCKY [X PRESS 2, UK]

This is an absolute killer of an album, wonderful from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing. It's hard to pick a favourite as they're all so bloody good! Hats off to George and you for getting this out into the world. Every track is worthy of a play on Music for Beaches. I'll be getting as many on air as I can. Love it! - DAVE HOWELLS [MUSIC FOR BEACHES, AUS]

Wow this is off the scale incredible work by George.. Blissful Summer Brilliance 10/10 - DENIS HEANY [BALEARIC SESSIONS, UK]

Sometimes I just want to end it all looking into the abyss of musical production and trying to achieve standards as high as these it really worth it i ask myself? - DJ DRIBBLER [IBIZA]

O Luar and Moonbeams are my choice picks here. - CHRIS HOWLER [THE BALEARIC BREAKDOWN BREAKFAST SHOW, 1BTN, UK]

Beautiful deep organic grooves...shall be in the bag for sure, thanks x - DANNY MOODYMANC [UK]

Stunning as ever from George Solar, he really is the master of the atmospheric vibe. These productions yet again effortlessly conjure up warmth, beauty and serenity. Essential - ANDY HICKFORD [UK]

Great chill waves right here! - BLAIR FRENCH [DETROIT, USA]

Absolutely love Moonbeams and Medialuna and always have a soft spot for a reprise. Great release, thank you X - POOKY [BONSAI SOUND SYSTEM, UK]

Always the best from George, Brotherrrrr - ANDY BAXTER [IBIZA]

Wonderful stuff as you would expect from George & Ken 10/10. - ANDY PYE [UK]

Lush stuff here. Really loving “O LUAR”! Thanks for sending! - WHISKY PICKLE RECORDS [USA]

Really like Moonbeams - percussion elements are beautiful, big 2024 release. - TOM BELTE [BIRMINGHAM, UK]

Killer dubbed out hammock vibes, beautiful - BILLY SCURRY [IRELAND]

Proper sunset bizznezz, love it Phil. Full support and thanks for sending. - MIKE [BALEARIC ULTRAS / HIGHER LOVE RECORDINGS, UK]

Wonderful collection of the type of dreamy downtempo music I live for. Excellent and very cohesive. - FRANCOIS K [NYC]


A1. Media Luna

A2. Moonbeams

A3. Countermoon

B1. Lunaticotina

B2. O Luar

B3. Moonbeams Reprise



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