Glam – More Than Ever

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Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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"More Than Ever" is another impeccable pearl of Roberto Ferrante, considered one of the most extraordinary and evocative Italo-Disco productions, one of those songs that attracted millions of followers and made everyone fall in love with the genre. GLAM's original 1985 12inch by is no ordinary record. This vinyl reissue from Planet Records Classics with stunning new mastering makes it even more special. The voice of GLAM is by Clio, according to followers one of the favorite singers in the distorted and mirrored world of Italo-Disco; she always has full control of the voice, therefore a perfect interpretation, full of emotion. If you listened to ''Faces'', ''Feel the Fear'' or ''Eyes'' by Clio and liked them, I'm sure you'll love this epic piece too! Thanks again to Roberto Ferrante for this new powerful mastering of "More Than Ever" fresher overall, performed with much more vitality and energy.


A. More Than Ever (Club Mix)
B. More Than Ever (Fashion Mix)



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