Keita Sano - Musica Fottutissima 001


販売価格¥3,140 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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Keita Sano never stays still for that long. He's lived all over the place (currently he's back in Japan), and released music on all manner of well-regarded labels, Mister Saturday Night, Spring Theory, 1080p and Dansu Discs included. Here he helps launch a new Italian imprint with a typically good - and pleasingly varied - three tracker. He begins with a throbbing, Italo-disco inspired chugger which boasts a joyous surprise midway through - an extended, pitched-down chorus sample of NYC disco classic 'Relight My Fire' (yep, the OTT gem later covered by Take That). Over on the flip, he adds breezy, fluid piano solos to a classic early 90s deep house style backing track ('Dream Weaver'), before blurring the boundaries between Idjut Boys style dub disco and wayward house on the excellent 'Dancing Dub'.


A1. Desire

B1. Dream Weaver

B2. Dancing Dub


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