Kerri Chandler & Dennis Quin Featuring Troy Denari - You Are In My System


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Format : 12 inch
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A1 You Are In My System (Extended Club Mix)
B1 You Are In My System (DQ Dub)


Kerri Chandler, Dennis Quin and Troy Denari join forces to deliver ‘You Are In My System' this September, a modern take on the iconic 1998 ‘You’re In My System’.

The original mix of ‘You’re In My System’ has been a staple for many in House music DJ sets for the past twenty-five years, a record that perfectly encapsulates the soul of House and Kerri’s distinctive sound. Here we see Kerri Chandler put a contemporary twist on this celebrated cut from his back catalogue, this time collaborating again with vocalist Troy Denari and Dutch artist Dennis Quin, who’s delivered numerous hits on Kerri’s Madhouse imprint such as ‘Move Out Of My Way’ and the last collaboration between the three, ‘Be Strong’.

Here the three artists collaborated to rework and replay the entire composition and create this new 2023 version, Kerri and Dennis using the same hardware used in the original composition and singer/songwriter Troy Denari, lends his vocals to this new version of the track, reimagining the vocals of Mic Murphy to capture the essence and spirit of the 1980's hit by American Synthpop band The System.

Throughout 'You Are In My System' Kerri Chandler’s signature soulful keys, bouncy bass line and dynamic synth work ebbs and flows amongst Dennis Quin's sturdy, swinging and crisp drum style while Troy Denari's refreshed vocals then bring a modern soul and warmth to things, resulting in the dynamic future classic presented here, destined to work its way onto many late summer dancefloors and beyond. Dennis Quin also offers up his 'DQ Dub' for a more raw groove focused fix.


Early DJ Support:

Antal - even more effective for nowadays attention span!
Hector Romero - Very nice job on this one. On it.
Domenic Cappello - Still a great tune and love these versions
Sasha - very cool
Massimiliano Pagliara - All time favorite!
Junior Sanchez - DOPE!
Jason Kendig [Honey Sound System] - eternal classic in all its forms.
Mike W - esta en mi systemaahhhh!! the magical vocal of Mr Troy Denari continues to ring true. First introduced in the absolutely incredible unplugged version of Track1 and it's just unfolded beautifully from there. He has the timbre of true inspiration and with a maestro like Kerri at the controls .. if I could rate more than 5 stars, I would.

Severino - SOOO GOOOD

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