Kim Yaffa - Once Bitten (inc. Nick the Record & Dan Tyler Edit)


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Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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1984年から1989年の短期間のみロサンゼルスで活動していたという女性SSW、Kim Yaffaがプライベート・プレスの自主レーベルMusic Town Recordsからひっそりとリリースした激レア音源(Discogsで7~10万円!)がニュー・リミックスを追加収録して復刻!グルーヴィー&クールなアーバン~バレアリック・ブギー・チューンでご存知Nick the RecordとDan Tyler(Idjut Boys)コンビによる倍以上の尺に引き延ばされたエディット・ヴァージョンも収録!


A1. Once Bitten (Original 1988 Mix)
A2. Once Bitten (Michael David Remix)
B1. Once Bitten (Nick the Record & Dan Tyler Edit)
B2. Lights of LA (Original 1988 Mix)


Pleasure of Love reissue imprint, New Islands, launches with a quiet storm, soulful balearic stunner. Kim Yaffa’s Once Bitten was recorded in LA and released on a 1989 private press 7 Inch, only to be buried in american record bins for decades after. A re-emergence of Yaffa’s music on the internet in the last couple years has reached fever pitch, with collectors thirsting for copies of the record. Now, New Islands has worked directly with the artist to deliver an official reissue, professionally transferred from the mixdown reels, carefully restored, and remastered. The title track is an effortless class-act pop tune, with 80s blue eyed soul/Sade inspired sounds, and unknowingly balearic production that make it timeless (reminiscent of Linda Di Franco, Edie Brickell or 80s Fleetwood Mac). The 12 Inch is rounded out by new mixes from Nick the Record (Record Mission) and Michael David (Classixx)

DJ - Feedback

Ian Blevins (Me Me Me, ESP Institute, Futureboogie) - Love the lot!
Eclair Fifi (Lucky Me / NTS) - love the og but really amazing remixes 5/5
Louise Chen (NTS) Lights of LA is the one!
Erol Alkan (Phantasy Sound) Big! Thanks
Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) - LOVELY
Curses (Rinse France / Ombra INTL / Dischi Autunno)- OG 1988 is gorgeous
Hot Toddy (Paper Recordings / Future Disco / Glitterbox) - New to this one, Once Bitten is a gorgeous bit of balearic pop and the edit works great
Massimiliano Pagliara (Live at Robert Johnson)- nice tunes!
PBR Streetgang - Summer cant come quick enough to play these ones ! great stuff !
Bill Brewster (NTS) Really lovely package will play.
Luke Solomon (Classic / Freaks / Music For Freaks)- Nicks edit is killer
Al Zanders (A-Z, Lodger) - Enjoying the Nick the Record and Dan Tyler Edit!
Ruf Dug - more balearic than burger king ibiza airport
Beyonders (Me Me Me) - nice, like this
Charles Webster - original and MD remix are v cool....thnx
Rollover DJs (Rollover Milano) - Michael David remix is so good
Jacques Renault - Enjoying the Nick the Record & Dan Tyler version!
Rotciv (Live at Robert Johnson / Luv Shack) wowI love these!
Bottin (Bearfunk)- Nick + Dan edit for me.
Ambient Babestation Meldown (Optimo Music / Rye Wax) - Lovely reissue, just at the right time for me to get back into italo-y vibes.
Vinny Villbass (badabing diskos) - More flute! Lovely beach disco.
Heidi Lawden - nice one love the OG
Plaisir de France (Pro-Zak Trax) - Kim Yaffa - Once Bitten (Michael David Remix)!

Justin Robertson (Deadstock) lovely stuff
Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space) Nice one! All 4 are great
Francois Kevorkian (Wave) cool obscure nugget brought back to life.
John Gomez (Music From Memory) Played on NTS radio
Dam Swindle (Heist) classic
Dave Congreve (Repeat Repeat) Lovely track and a great reissue. New mixes are ace, especially the Nick The Record & Dan Tyler Edit. Thanks.
Kléo (Rush Hour) dope
Mufti (Her Majestys Ship) beautiful!
John Noseda (Moustache Records, Correspondant, Running Back) nice one!
Jorkes (Freeride Millenium) Perfection. Thank you. Xo
Simon Mills (Somethin' Sanctified/ Bent) Once Bitten - Great original, breezy and Balearic... and the mixes are really sympathetic - makes me want to go to Pikes right now!
La Mano (Through Gods Own Eyes) Lovely stuff
Harri (Sub Club) Liking this, will play and support
Geir Aspenes (G-Ha (Sunkissed)) Great release, thank u
Billy Scurry (Dublin) Beautifully lush, big yes
Ben Davis (Flash Atkins (Paper Recordings)) It's all about the OG for me,
Dave Kendrick (Handsome [Dalston Superstore], Macho City) Dreamy AF. Love this!
Alice Palace (Aus Music) Couple of dreamy remixes right there
Patrick Vidal Such a gorgeous song ,magical !
Nu Azeite (Cocada Music) Sade kind of vibe, lovely
Basso (Growing Bin Records) Great! Many thanks
Flo Dill (NTS, The Breakfast Show) - yessss wicked news i love this song!
Soos (Mule Musiq) this is SICK!
The Silver Rider (Whiskey Disco, Lovedancing) - beautiful stuff! really love the original of Once Bitten but the dubby psyche nature of Nick and Dan's edit is AHMAZING!
CC: Disco (Rinse FM, Phantasy Sound) Thank you!
Paula Tape (Hola Mundo / Rhythm Section / Tempo Dischi) sounds lovely
Pau Roca (Escola Records, Dublab) Sooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Travis Holcombe (KCRW/LA) This is great.
Peter Croce (Rocksteady Disco) Played on Love Will Save the Day- FM radio show (Nick the Record & Dan Tyler Edit)
Hysteric (Mothball Records) This is great, thank you!
Alex From Tokyo (Sounds Familiar, Tokyo Black Star) Once Bitten what a sweet song!
Jkriv (Razor N Tape, NYC) Great release
Jeffrey Paradise (Poolside) Nice stuff, Once Bitten original


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