Lamin Fofana – Lamin Fofana And The Doudou Ndiaye Rose Family


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Format : 12 inch
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レーベルSci-Fi & Fantasyを主宰するNYのプロデューサーLamin FofanaがHonest Jon's Recordsから12インチをリリース!トライバルなパーカッションや神秘的なシンセが絡み合う、エクスペリメンタルでトリップ感がハンパない1枚!

A1. Bench Mi Mode I: In Motion
A2. Bench Mi Mode II: Red Eye
A3. Bench Mi Mode III: Spectrum
B1. Toco SOS



Epic, grooving, extravagantly creative, perfectly attuned blends of complex mbalax drumming, field recordings, thumping kick-drum, and cosmic, bubbling, jamming synths and electronics.
The opening is suitably liminal, haunted by a diachronic sense of times past, present, and to come: ancestral ghosts, scratched playback, scraps of old recordings, voices strangulated or just out of range; puttering drums; futuristic, kosmische keys. Part II picks up the pace; III gives the drummers some, and heightens the atmosphere of enchantment. Jon Hassell’s Fourth World music courses through a kind of Dream Theory In Dakar.
Toco SOS, the second side, is a thumping, throbbing, mesmeric future-classic; perfect for fahr’n fahr’n fahr’n on the Autobahn… in a spacecraft. Expert hand percussion, call-and-response singing, bin-trembling foot-drum, spaceways keys. Sleekly funky as prime Popol Vuh.
Both sides range expansively by way of Berlin, where Lamin resided for a few years: you can hear something of T++’s brilliant, landmark HJ record on the A, and elements of Mark Ernestus’ crucial Ndagga project, on the B.
Half an hour of stunning music; in a beautiful sleeve, with mirror lettering, and an intricate spot-gloss rendition of salt crystals, laid over a photograph of the salt mines at Lac Rose, outside Dakar.



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