Loose Change – Straight From The Heart (The Moplen Remixes)

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Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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天才Tom Moultonが手掛けた1979年のガラージ・クラシック人気曲をイタリアのMoplen(KAT/Lumberjacks In Hell/GAMM)が時代を超えて公式リミックス!ガッツリとハウスに仕上げずクラシックなテイストで纏め上げた使える1枚!


A1. Straight From The Heart (Moplen Remix)
B1. Straight From The Heart (Moplen Reprise)



Get ready for an electrifying revelation as we delve into the mind-blowing credits of this extraordinary record! This record has an outrageous lineup as Moplen is let loose to brilliantly remix and reprise Loose Change’s timeless masterpiece, “Straight From the Heart. A track that emerged from the creative genius of none other than Tom Moulton, the legendary maestro behind legendary Donna Summer’s iconic hits. But that’s not all! Enter the realm of Thor Baldursson, the brilliant mastermind known for his groundbreaking concepts and awe-inspiring arrangements. Together, the three of them form a disco dream team!

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