LORD$ – Speed It Up

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Format : LP
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LORD$'s debut album 'Speed It Up' is out on April 26 via Tricatel. LORD$ is a 5-piece band steeped in references ranging from US rap to 70s soft rock, skateboarding to video games, with Rémi Klein on keyboards and vocals, Jay Adams on bass, Zablon on guitar and vocals, Bastien Bonnefont on drums and Gary Haguenauer on guitar.

These formidable instrumentalists have given a handful of concerts, notably at the Petite Halle de la Villette in Paris, one of the hotbeds of the French jazz revival. The group also competed in the prestigious Tiny Desk series of intimate concerts, delivering a performance that impressed American public radio station NPR.
_Pascal Bertin


A1. Speed It Up
A2. Anyway
A3. Billy Joel
A4. Dick Pic
A5. Zablonlove
A6. Everybody Knows

B1. Here We Go
B2. Josie
B3. Dark Interlude
B4. I'd Really Like
B5. Make It Alright
B6. Try Again
B7. Fantasy



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