Loveface - De-mixes: Vol 8

販売価格¥3,140 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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DJ Support: Folamour, Sean Johnston, Severino Panzetta, Francois Kervorkian

After a short hiatus, Loveface are back with their latest offering of their eyebrow raising De-Mix project. Vol 8 consists of a very DJ friendly version of the purple ones 80s high tempo classic followed by a mid tempo proto house groove with boogie flavours of a Scousers cult classic while on the flip they showcase their italo disco/proto house leanings once again, accompanied by a slightly deeper melodic groove for the house heads with 80s leanings. Another 4 tracker with something for everyone.


A1. If You Want Me To

A2. Butterflies

B1. Rome Elettronico

B2. Let’s Dance


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