Mikal Asher feat Gary Davis - Wicked Ah Fi: Knoe1 mixes

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Mikal Asher of the Morgan family dynasty out of Jamaica is back on Chocolate Star records in collaboration with disco don Gary Davis.

The two have enlisted dj/ producer Knoe1 out of California for a couple of dubbed out remixes and takes on their original productions.
Knoe1 has flipped Wicked ah fi into a modern dub floor stepper while Black Woman is a chilled out soulful take which is dedicated to Gary Davis' wife Sonjia.

Mikal Asher, like his older brother, Denroy Morgan, patriarch of the Morgan Heritage clan, waves the flag high for the “ancient order of righteousness” and to bring his convictions to life.
The Binghiman’ is an accomplished artist known for his captivating musical style and thought-provoking lyrics.
His musical journey has taken him to renowned studios across the globe. From recording at Hustle Hard Studios in Ghana, known for its vibrant musical landscape, to collaborating with industry-leading engineers at Mixing Lab Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, and Hilltop Studio in Brooklyn, New York, he continues to push the boundaries of his artistry and strive for excellence.


A1. Wicked Ah Fi (Knoe1 Steppaz mix)
B1. Black Woman (Knoe1 Family mix)



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