Rubel – As Palavras, Vol. 1 & 2


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Bala DesejoやTim Bernardes、Bruno Berleらのリリースで知られるブラジルの人気レーベルCoala Recordsからの若手大注目株RubelのアルバムをロンドンのMr.Bongoがライセンス~ワールド・リリース!

Rubelの「As Palavras, Vol. 1 & 2」は、ブラジルのMPBジャンルに革命をもたらす力を持っています。リオの輝かしいスターが、現代とクラシックを融合させ、ブラジルの音楽遺産の豊かさを感じさせる20曲の壮大な作品を生み出しました。このアルバムは、伝統的なスタイル(forró、MPB、pagode、サンバ)と現代のバイレ・ファンク、ラステイリーニャ、ヒップホップを融合し、自由で創造的な雰囲気を醸し出しています。Rubelは、Gabriel do Borel、Liniker、Luedji Luna、Tim Bernardes、Ana Caetanoなど、ブラジルで最も尊敬されるアーティストたちとのコラボレーションを通じて、この多様なスタイルやテーマを世界に広めています。彼のストーリーテリングの才能が光るこのアルバムは、ブラジルのリズムと言葉が交差する中で、ジャンルや世代を超える結びつきを生み出しています。


Vol. 1
A1 Forró Violento (Instrumental)
A2 Grão De Areia
A3 Não Vou Reclamar De Deus
A4 Toda Beleza
A5 Put@ria!
B6 Rebelía
B7 Posso Dizer
B8 Vinheta As Palavras I
B9 As Palavras
B10 Forró Violento

Vol. 2
C1 Torto Arado
C2 Lua De Garrafa
C3 Na Mão Do Palhaço
C4 Doutor Albieri
C5 Samba De Amanda E Té
D6 Amor De Mãe
D7 Vinheta As Palavras II
D8 Assum Preto
D9 Forró No Escuro
D10 Toda Beleza (Pelos Loirinhos)


Some albums are game-changers in a genre. Take OutKast's Speakerboxxx / The Love Below or Primal Scream's Screamadelica, they observe, study, and then flip what an album can mean to a genre or moment in time.

From the very first listen of Rubel’s Latin Grammy-nominated third album As Palavras, Vol. 1 & 2, you can feel its transformative force for the MPB genre. Here we see one of Rio’s brightest stars, fusing the contemporary with the classic, soaking up the richness of Brazil’s musical heritage. The result is a marauding 20-track epic, incorporating traditional styles such as forró, MPB, pagode and samba with modern baile funk, rasteirinha and hip-hop.

The album exudes a sense of freedom and creativity, playfully and provocatively juggling the familiar with the forward-thinking. The tracks are divided across two records, navigating feelings of love, heartbreak and discovery, whilst balancing themes of violence, passion, irony and affection. Collaborating with some of the country’s most esteemed artists such as Gabriel do Borel, Liniker, Luedji Luna, Tim Bernardes and Ana Caetano, Rubel takes this fusion of styles, subjects and flavours to the global stage.

The grand, forró-blending, choral opener, ‘Forró Violento (Instrumental)’ sets the tone for the album, with references and links between tradition and modernity everywhere to be seen. From the Ana Frango Elétrico produced, funk flexing, samba-soul brilliance of ‘Não Vou Reclamar de Deus’, to the album’s title cut ‘As Palavras’, in collaboration with Tim Bernardes, that melds MPB influences with electronic elements and hip-hop touches.

Across both sides of the album, Rubel’s story-telling gift is given space to shine. ‘Torto Arado’ featuring Liniker and Luedji Luna, beautifully references the racial injustice, tragedy, hope and ambition found in one the most celebrated Brazilian novels of recent times by Itamar Vieira Júnior. Elsewhere, ‘Na Mão do Palhaço’ manifests a satirical march about a suicidal conservative middle-aged man, who is rescued by the miracle of the carnival.

At times the album is gentle and intimate with tracks like ‘Toda Beleza’ featuring Bala Desejo, or the ode to friendship ‘Lua de Garrafa’, composed with the legendary Milton Nascimento. At others, the grooves hit harder, with sounds from the favelas laced within. ‘Put@ria!’, explores the universe of baile funk, with BK’ and MC Carol trading off on the mic, as ‘Rubelía’ moves between reggaeton, funk, and hip hop. The latter is a tribute to a key influence of the album, Spanish star Rosalía and her parallel mix of current with classic.

Ultimately though the beauty of this album lies in its concept. In the midst of a country divided, ‘As Palavras Vol. 1 & 2’ sets out to bring together genres and generations, grounded in rhythms and words that have helped define Brazil through the ages.

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