Say She She / Jim Spencer – Wrap Myself Up In Your Love


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Condition : New
Format : 7 inch
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Brooklyn-based psychedelic soul group Say She She have exploded onto the scene since their debut in 2019. Receiving critical acclaim for their two albums to date, and multiple TV performances, the Nile Rodgers-inspired female trio even got a video message of approval from the legend himself. Organic and authentic are two words that fit the classically trained troupe to a tea and, in the great soul tradition, covers are a necessity. Jim Spencer's 1979 track 'Wrap Myself Up in Your Love' didn't get much attention at the time - his attempt at doing disco wasn't well received - but thanks to the adoration of archive label The Numero Group, the song has seen a resurgence in covers and fans. The original vocal is expressive and powerful against some jangly funk guitars, whilst Say She She's rendition hones in on the sultry aspect of the track. Guitars are muted down to transform the song into a lovemaking slow jam, wind passages are introduced and the vocal is subtly powerful and sexy. This single has both Say She She's cover - as well as the original - on a 7" disc.


A. Say She She – Wrap Myself Up In Your Love
B. Jim Spencer – Wrap Myself Up In Your Love


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