Sidirum – Iris


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Format : 12 inch
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当店人気のロンドンを拠点とするレーベルEarthly Measures Local Global Recordingsから、アルゼンチンの新鋭プロデューサーSidirumの12インチが登場!トライバルやバレアリック、ハウス、ダブ等をミックスさせた作品で、美しく繊細なサウンド・プロダクションで纏め上げた力作!Nick The RecordやBill Brewster、Cottamらも絶賛!

A1 Plane
A2 Total Interior
B1 Iris
B2 Cielo Spike
B3 Donde

Earthly Measures' second vinyl release of the year sees them team up with the talented & mystical producer & multi-instrumentalist Sidirum - bringing you Balearic & Downtempo flavours from Argentina - sounds that haven’t always been associated with his style. An EP that fills you with euphoria & nostalgia, trying to find those sounds that can take you to another time just by listening to them - as he puts it, "rhythms from the past".

For Sidirum this release is about the beauty of chance. Samples that he has found from near & far over many years of producing finally find a home. 'Donde' in particular is a special track, he says "it is the track where I found my voice again. I have not used it in a song for almost 10 years." 'Ex-Plane' is heavily influenced by his love for Reggae, which runs throughout the whole track. 'Total Interior' is a perfect dance-floor ready track - with the help of multi-instrumentalist Pedro Alvide, the track builds a musical progression that dives into perfect sunset vibes with uplifting energy - ready for a peak time festival set.

After a number of other releases, 'Iris' is an EP where Sidirum feels that he has finally found himself again musically. In a way it's a summary of the places he’s been in the past, intertwined with his ideas in the present, making for a truly unique & pleasant listening experience.

DJ Feedback:

Nick The Record - This is ruddy bloody gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only problem is choosing a favourite tune

Dom Servini - Gorgeous White Island moments on here! Beautiful.

GK Machine - Nice reggae vibes on Ex-Plane...Total Interior and Donde up my street too

Bill Brewster - V nice esp. total interior

Paul Cottam - In my head now

Jaye Ward - wow!! what a release! super deep very left of the field. deep AF brilliant thing indeed

Oscar Arroyo - Nice one.

Thomas Jackson - I like Donde!

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