Various – A Tribute To Madonna Presented By Italians Do It Better

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10カ国にまたがる19組のアーティスト達による20曲のマドンナ・カヴァー!Italians Do It Betterというレーベル名は実は「Papa Don't Preach」ビデオでマドンナが着ていたTシャツにちなんでいるらしい!レーベル所縁のアーティストらに好きなマドンナの曲のカバーを募って完成したのがこのコンピ!このうちの1曲(Club Intlの "Lucky Star")は、1980年代初期にマドンナのブレイクに貢献したニューヨークのDJ、Mark Kaminsの息子であるMax Kaminsが手掛けているのも興味深い・・・!

A1. Joon – Papa Don't Preach
A2. Desire – Angel
A3. Sally Shapiro – Holiday
A4. Dlina Volny – Hollywood
A5. Farah – Gang Bang
B1. MOTHERMARY – Like A Virgin
B2. Club Intl – Lucky Star
B3. Love Object – Frozen
B4. Orion – Into The Groove
B5. Number One Popstar – Hung Up
B6. Double Mixte – La Isla Bonita
C1. Juno Francis – Beautiful Stranger
C2. Glüme – Material Girl
C3. In Mirrors – I'm Addicted
C4. Causeway – Crazy For You
C5. MOTHERMARY – Like A Prayer
D1. Jorja Chalmers – Justify My Love
D2. Pink Gloves – What It Feels Like For A Girl
D3. Lou Rebecca – Burning Up
D4. Bark Bark Disco – Borderline


Since 2006, listeners have been curious about the origin of the label name Italians Do It Better. Some say it's an homage to Italo Disco, others guess it's related to ancestry, but in fact it's a nod to the iconic T-shirt Madonna wears in the "Papa Don't Preach" video circa 1986.
Fast forward to a world pandemic... To encourage creativity & lift spirits, Italians Do It Better President, Megan Louise asked every artist “If you could cover your favourite Madonna song…What would it be?”

As a tribute to their label muse & the impact Madonna’s music has had on the world around us, Italians Do It Better are sharing a compilation of covers simply titled “Italians Do It Better”. One of the tracks (“Lucky Star” by Club Intl) is even produced by Max Kamins, the son of Mark Kamins, the New York DJ who helped break Madonna in the early 1980's. From the experience he says “Dance music was the soundtrack of my early childhood. Working on "Lucky Star" reconnected me not only to my father, but also reminded me that a good song is timeless".
Executive produced by Johnny Jewel, the compilation is a passport to 20 covers from the bedrooms of 19 artists across 10 different countries.

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