Various – Supafunkanova Vol.3 (Compiled By Woody Bianchi)


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Condition : New
Format : 2LP
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Another installment of badass Funk from the Disco era with Supafunkanova Volume 3 which has been selected by prolific DJ, producer, remixer, and record collector Woody Bianchi.

Woody digs deep into his collection, compiling a high-quality album filled with lesser-known disco, funk, and boogie. As the title suggests, Supafunkanova focuses on the funkier end of the 70’s & 80’s, showcasing some of the bumpier grooves recorded in the disco era when even James Brown had to take notice of the Saturday Night Fever inspired disco explosion.

It will come as no surprise to hear some particularly hard to find gems have been unearthed here, and ones that aren't just rare and expensive (if you can even find a copy!) but genuinely merit being re-issued.

With expansive sleeve notes by Woody himself to give you an in-depth insight into the music, artists, and personal discovery of each record.

Featuring tracks by The Firebolts, Pressure Point, Nzimande All Stars, The Movers, Night Force & The Tom Cats and Montreal to name a few.


A1. Chosen Few – Dancin' All Over The World
A2. The Freex Machine – Freex Funkatized
A3. Nzimande All Stars – Sporo Disco (Woody Bianchi Edit)
A4. The Firebolts – Firebolt Hustle
B1. Aggression – Tag (Woody Bianchi Edit)
B2. The Movers – Onthekele Beer (Jwala)
B3. World – You Got The Power
B4. Joe & Lee – Black Gold Disco Moving Machine
C1. Joe Pugliese – Pile And Isolation
C2. The Family Tree – As
C3. Pressure Point – Straight To The Point
C4. John Blair – Momma Said Shut Up
D1. The Headquarters – Sweetie
D2. Wylie – Fan-tasy (Woody Bianchi Edit)
D3. Cania – Visions
D4. Montreal – Nite People


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