Walter Hawkins & Wilderness America - Metropolis

Deja Vu Kid (UK)SKU: DVK701

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Format : 7 inch
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1975年にカリフォルニアの環境慈善団体への資金を募るチャリティーコンピレーションLPの一部として制作されたこの曲は、その後コレクターズアイテムとなり高額で取引されました。しかし、Déjà vu kidチームの理念に基づき、このバレアリックの珠玉を7インチシングルとして適正な価格で再リリースすることにしました。

Moonboots、Danny Psychemagik、Spruzzi Monorecordsなど、多くの著名なアーティストが支持するこの楽曲を、今回初めてのフォーマットで再シェアします。GNB Studiosが手がけた新たなアートワークも見どころです。この機会にぜひお手に取ってみてください。


A1. Metropolis
B1. Before I'm Gone



Metropolis; a powerful song addressing city inequalities and their impact on youth. It's a call for freedom, criticizing large corporations. The lyrics remind us of our basic human needs, while the smooth music eases the despair about environmental issues. Despite being recorded over forty years ago, the message feels relevant today, as we continue to struggle with harmful capitalism.

Originally part of a 1975 charity compilation LP raising money for environmental charities in California, which later became a collectors artifact changing has for silly money (which didn’t fit well with the Déjà vu kid team), so this Balearic nugget, the crown jewel of this album, was released on 7”…There is no better way to share it again than on it’s own 45 inch release at a fair price.

Moonboots, Danny Psychemagik, Spruzzi Monorecords, Micky Browne, Paul Hillery are just a selection of names who have championed this track from this great album and now we can reshare it with you in this first time format.

Artwork redesigned by GNB Studios.


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