Carlos Maria Trindade / Nuno Canavarro – Mr. Wollogallu

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Condition : New
Format : LP
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【強力盤が待望の再プレス!!】Jim O'RourkeのレーベルMoikaiが復刻したことでも話題となった「Plux Quba」で知られるNuno CanavarroとCarlos Maria Trindadeの二人のポルトガル人ミュージシャン〜コンポーサーによる91年の大傑作CDアルバムが正規で初となるアナログ化!アコーステック楽器とエレクトロニクスが絶妙にブレンドされたアンビエント〜ニューエイジ・サウンドはGigi Masin〜Music From Memory、Mariahあたりのファンにもオススメ!まるで日本盤のように帯も付いた丁寧な仕様!

A1The Truth3:40


A3Mecanismos De Corda1:20



A6Em Bou-saada1:30


B1Blu Terra7:00

B2S. Louise2:20

B3Ven 53:25

B4Segredos M.3:30



Original artwork and new insert with liner notes by Mia B

Urpa i musell, the new Barcelona-based record label announces its second release, the first ever vinyl reissue of Mr. Wollogallu, the collaboration album between Carlos Maria Trindade and Nuno Canavarro, originally released in Portugal on União Lisboa, Produções Audiovisuais Lda. in 1991. A beautiful ambient album.. Big tip!

The mysterious Mr. Wollogallu features sophisticated, adventurous, soundscapes that depict, in a manner both blurry and clear at the same time, ancient maps, distant travels, and evocative landscapes, an alchemy of the acoustic and the electronic, created using techniques that were unusual at the time.



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