Type-303 – Näsinpuisto EP

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Format : 12 inch
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I Love AcidやSuper Rhythm Trax等からのリリースで知られるアシッド・ハウス系アーティストType-303が新レーベルVerrazzanoから登場!今作ではアシッド・サウンドは封印し、ナゼかバレアリック~イタロ・ハウスからインスピレーションを得たというトロピカルで心地の良い4曲を収録!別のアーティスト名でリリースするべき(苦笑)完成度の高い1枚です !

A1 Is It Magic 5:39
A2 Sexy Sax 5:50
B1 Garden Of Love 6:54
B2 Summer Nights 6:18



From the city of Tampere, Finland, comes Type-303 with a brand new EP ”Näsinpuisto” on a new local label VERRAZZANO. This time we take a detour from his usual acid sounds and head to the park for summer vibes.

Taking inspiration from early 90’s Italo house and balearic scene, ”Näsinpuisto” EP gives four sunny, mysterious and long drink fuelled cuts to cheer up the thirsty crowd.

Opening with a lovely haunting flute melody, ”Is It Magic” asks the question if there is some special magic in northern summer days, and the answer is fairy whistling YES! Part nostalgic and part forward looking, the song is relaxing house par excellence.

Second track ”Sexy Sax” sounds something like it was meant for fashion shows in Milan, or to be played at terraces with international tasteful clientele. With solid bass, sophisticated rhythms, sax melody and sea-breeze sounds, 90’s N.Y. house vibes are evident.

”Garden Of Love” is a playful tune that might be playing in the background when you stumble upon a secret garden in the park. The question is dare you enter in? Because Ecstasy comes to those who dare to step out of their comfort zone.

Lastly ”Summer Nights” is a relaxing late evening tune, ending the summer day journey with reassuring sounds in the after glow. Still with enough punch to work great either as set starter, or when you want to chill the dance floor.

Verrazzano calls you to enjoy summer, love and friendships!

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