Alfredo Linares – La Musica Por Dentro

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1 La Musica Por Dentro
2 Tiahuanaco


Brooklyn based contemporary artist Jose Parla contributes to the Relatin project with his reworks with Phenomenal Handclap Band of two tracks from the Peruvian pianist and composer Alfredo Linares , “Tiahuanaco (Puerta del Sol)” and “La Música por Dentro ” Alfredos first influences were from Cuban musicians Peruchín, Bebo Valdés and Lino Frías. Jose was born in Miami to Cuban immigrant parents and the music from his Cuban roots has always been a major part of his life and can be heard in his DJ sets. That’s how we came across one of his sets alongside Dez Andres and Lee Quinones playing latin grooves. Jose Worked on his interpretations with Phenomenal Handclap Band. The release will be part of his upcoming exhibition Phosphene opens at Ben Brown Fine Arts in London on October 10. He is also working on an album project called Comosomos with Arthur Baker and Ivan Moreno.

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