Attaboy – Autopsy In B Flat

販売価格¥3,400 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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Toko gifts us another timeless classic from their esteemed archive, this one penned by Attaboy sometime in 1997. Now highly coveted on 12", the label opts for a mint vinyl reissue that is much more affordable than original copies. 'Autopsy In B Flat' offers a driving, late-night house experience, with compressed, echo-laden percussion blending seamlessly with robust bass lines and intricate lead melodies. Then, 'Kookaburra' captivates with hypnotic percussion and bass, anchoring a dreamy yet dynamic journey. Wafty synth stabs and growling square waves complete the sonic canvas, delivering a grandiose deep house experience.


A. Autopsy In B Flat
B. Kookaburra



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