Barbara Hernandez – All Nite Tonight


販売価格¥3,480 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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Barbara Hernandez's 'All Nite Tonight' is a cult soca disco gem originally produced by Leston Paul and released in 1984. Now, after 40 years, this elusive 12" is available in full vocal and instrumental versions for the first time. Recorded while Hernandez was working as a backing singer for Kool and the Gang in New York, the session featured notable musicians from the Trinidad music scene, including Kool and the Gang's horn section. Despite poor distribution initially, the track is now remastered and cut loud, making it a guaranteed floor filler. With its infectious groove and vibrant energy, 'All Nite Tonight' is a long-awaited rediscovery that promises to excite listeners and reignite the spirit of soca disco for a new generation.


A. All Nite Tonight (Vocal)
B. All Nite Tonight (Version)



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