Cloud One ft. Gary Davis – You Make Me Feel So Good

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Condition : New
Format : 7 inch
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A You Make Me Feel So Good (Knoe1 Mix)
B You Make Me Feel So Good (Knoe1 Dub)

The late great disco legend Patrick Adams is the man behind Cloud One and his last known recording was 'You Make Me Feel So Good' which was put out by Hattrick Innovations out of Sweden. That original has been sent over to Gary Davis - a long time friend of Adams - who then added his own unique stylings to it with some lush disco strings amongst other things. The stems of that version have now been sent to producer Knoe1 who flips it into two of his own new dubs which hare now served up here on a limited release in honour of the original artist. Two timeless and dubby disco gems worthy of inclusion in any proper collection.

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