Dâdalus & Bikarus – Kraus Is The Limit (Remixes)

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Format : LP
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チューリッヒのエレクトロニック・ウェーブ・デュオDâdalus & Bikarusのアルバム「Kraus Is The Limit」のリミックス盤登場!東京&ベルリンを拠点に活躍する日本人女性アーティストSaeko Killyによるリミックスに注目!オリジナルにはない日本語のヴォーカルを追加したニュー・ウェイヴ・ディスコ的仕上がりが◎!

A1. Voran (Saeko Killy Remix)
A2. Youri Gagarine (Jamie Paton Remix)
A3. Gone (Jamie Paton Remix)
B1. Tous Tes Mensonges (Andrei Rusu Remix)
B2. Voran (Anastasia Zems Remix)


Saeko Killy, Jamie Paton, Andrei Rusu and Anastasia Zems remix “Kraus is the Limit” by the Zurich electronic-wave duo Dâdalus & Bikarus and take the original to new dimensions.

“Kraus is the Limit (Remixes)” preserves the raw energy and emotion of Dâdalus & Bikarus’ live performances while introducing new textures. It is not merely a collection of remixes but an intimate experience that invites listeners to rediscover the original tracks through the lenses of Saeko Killy, Jamie Paton, Andrei Rusu and Anastasia Zems.

Saeko Killy translates Voran into a mesmerizingly timeless journey that is even more kraut-y and space-y. Jamie Paton brings his distinctive style to the table by adding laidback and dubby vibes to Gone and Youri Gagarine. Andrei Rusu strippes down Tous Tes Mensonges, creating a sonic whirlwind that takes the listener on an thrilling and hypnotic ride. Anastasia Zems’ take on Voran lets us wallow in the depths of an acid abyss. A tripped-out experience is guaranteed.


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