Darryl Baalki – Flower Out Of A Stone

Deeppa Records (RUS)SKU: DEEPPA08

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Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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The backstory to this one is great and goes something like this: Darryl Baalki is a reclusive person who grew up with his mother and his father's record collection. That was his only connection to the outside world and he somehow thought it was all the music ever recorded so for him to make something new he had to combine parts from it together. Whether true or not, his Flower Out Of A Stone EP on Deeppa is a sublime affair. It clocks in somewhere between deep house with serious jazzy chops and loungey downbeat, with the titile track boasting an impressively soulful vocal. Elsewhere, the organic instruemntation and improvsed grooves of Faze Action at their best come to mind, with sultry sax lines, spiritual vocal whispers and feathery drums all oozing a certain timeless musical class.


A1. Take All This Pressure (Jazzy Version)
A2. Flower Out Of A Stone
A3. When And Where
B1. Brother
B2. Autumn Mists (Album Version)
B3. One Of The Few, One Of The Many (outro)



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