Dave Lee – Dave Lee's Essentials Sampler


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Going out of 2024 on a high! We’ve got two huge remixes from Dave Lee, he’s been playing them in his sets over the year and the requests for a release on both have continued to flood in.

First up is Dave’s Re-Blend of the classic Jamiroquai track ‘Little L’. Retaining the core elements that made the original a hit, Dave applies his loving touch adding in some serious Brit-funk bass action that quenches the thirst for a remix like this from when it was first released.

On the flip is another classic, this time from Sheila & B. Devotion and their ’Spacer’ anthem (the original of course produced by Chic). Here Dave overhauls the arrangement, calms the tempo, and beefs the production value to really shine a light on the fantastic elements Nile & Bernard created back in ’79 whilst upping the funk factor with added Clav, Strings, and a serious Electric Piano workout.


A. Jamiroquai– Little L (Dave Lee Re-Blend)
B. Sheila & B. Devotion– Spacer (Dave Lee Disco Fantasy Mix)


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