Deepchord – Prana / Tantra


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Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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Prana glistens into existence as ethereal pads drift by, giving way to a subtle, almost deep house beat that pulses nicely, backed by tribal-esq percussion. A gently staccato synth pattern flutters in and out toying with the idea of techno ever so slightly yet keeping well within the realms of his usual sound. Simplicity is the key in this track and Deepchord allows it to evolve slowly and he toys with sweeps of reverb and FX giving the track a lush, organic sound.

Tantra gives off a tougher vibe than it predecessor. Gently layered, deeper, edgier synths open the track as percussive elements, swathed in FX form the basis of the groove. Bolstered by a typical Deepchord dubbed out bass line this track once again evolves perfectly almost without the listener noticing the subtle changes that give Tantra a deep and emotive flow.

Never one to sit still and be pigeon holed into a genre, Deepchord easily turns his hand once again a brings two beautifully crafted tracks in his own inimitable style


A. Prana
AA. Tantra


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