Four Tet – Three


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Condition : New
Format : LP
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Three is the long-awaited twelfth studio album by electronica titan Four Tet, following a long extended 'wildcard era' characterised by legal battles (well, one) and unlikely, curveball stints with fellow juggernauts Skrillex and Fred Again. But despite this judgment, Three hears Kieran Hebden return to his earliest forms, with the semi-eponymous 'Three Drums' recalling his earliest outcroppings emergent from his Fridge days, via slow, crisp breaks and serene string pads. 'Loved', similarly, evokes a 90s hip-hop, dare say Britcore fascination, melded with warmingly serene analogue pulsations, underlaid.

A1. Loved
A2. Gliding Through Everything
A3. Storm Crystals
A4. Daydream Repeat
B1. Skater
B2. 31 Bloom
B3. So Blue
B4. Three Drums



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