Ganavya – Like The Sky I've Been Too Quiet

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Ganavyaの「Like The Sky I've Been Too Quiet」は、リスナーを深い瞑想と魂の浄化へと導く、美しい音楽の旅路です。このアルバムは、インド古典音楽の伝統とジャズ、そして現代のアートサウンドが融合した、極めて個性的で洗練された作品です。

Ganavyaの声は、まるで静かな夜空を描くように柔らかく、どこか懐かしさを感じさせるメロディを奏でます。特に「In The Stillness of This Day」では、シンプルなアレンジながらも心に響く歌声が、聴く者を心地よい静寂へと誘います。また、「Bhajare」は、深いリズムと繊細なシタールの音色が調和し、精神的な解放感を感じさせるトラックです。

「Like The Sky I've Been Too Quiet」は、日常の喧騒から離れ、心の奥深くにある静寂を見つけるための一枚です。魂の深い部分と対話し、音楽の持つ癒しの力を感じてみませんか?このアルバムは、あなたの音楽コレクションに特別な彩りを加えることでしょう。


A1. Not In An Anthropological Mood
A2. First Notebook Of Songs
B1. Forgive Me My
B2. Seal
B3. El Kebda, Let It Go
B4. We Made It To The Underpass
C1. Our Mother Is Our Daughter Is Our mother
C2. (Sister Said) Home Is A Direction
C3. We’re Still At The Underpass
D1. Call It Luck If You Want To
D2. Call Her By Her Name, Enheduanna
D3. Growing Sense Of Wonder
D4. I Walk Again, Eyes Towards The Sky


2x LP with printed inner sleeves.  A strong tip on this one!

South-Asian vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Ganavya releases her new studio album  “Like the sky I've been too quiet” on Shabaka Hutchings’ Native Rebel Recordings. The album features contributions from artists including Kofi Flexxx, Floating Points, Carlos Niño, Leafcutter John and Mercury-nominated bassist Tom Herbert.

Since graduating from Berklee College of Music, UCLA and Harvard, Ganavya has quickly become a much-in-demand artist on the US scene who consistently confounds expectations. Hailed as “among modern music's most compelling vocalists” (Wall Street Journal), “most enchanting” (NPR) and "extraordinary" (DownBeat), Ganavya has worked with an array of luminaries including the likes of Quincy Jones, Wayne Shorter and Esperanza Spalding and on new album "Like the sky I've been too quiet" she presents thirteen compelling tracks which showcase her ethereal voice and numinous energy.


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