Jephté Guillaume Featuring Duke Guillaume - Sove Yo (Save Them)

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Format : 12 inch
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Joe Claussellと並びアフロ~ラテン・ハウス、スピリチュアル・ハウスのオリジネーターであるJephte Guillaumeとその兄弟Duke Guillaumeによるタッグ!Jephteのアイコンであるパーカッシヴでとライバルなハウス・トラックに幻想的なサックスや民族っぽいヴォーカルをフィーチャー!リズム主体のヴァージョン等も入った使える全4ヴァージョン!

A1. Sove Yo (Save Them) Vokal Mix (7:08)
A2. Sove Yo ( Save Them) Duke and Jephte Cosmic Mix (7:08)
B1. Sove Yo (Save Them) Duke and Jephte Electronic Version (7:36) 
B2. Sove Yo (Save Them) Duke and Jephte Rhythms (7:06)


A collaboration between two immensely talented Blood Brothers. Musicians who are considered to be second none as it relates to the world of music orchestration and talent. Afro House Originator Jephte Guillaume joined by his multi-talented brother Duke Guillaume have come together in the midst of a never-ending conflict and chaos to produce a composition that speaks
to the heart of what is desperately needed now and forever. The composition is such that we can legitimatly go on with regards to its infectious rhythms and melody. However, we prefer to leave that to you the listener and much rather put attention to the message and the meaning of the music. With all that said, we hope that you immerse yourselves in its vibration and thus echo its
frequencies from your speakers loud and clear so that it resonates to the hearts and souls of all who are in need extra healing and direction

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