Jezebell – Jezebellearic Beats Volume 1


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Condition : New
Format : 2XLP
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Jezebell–    Jezebelle Et Moi    11:39
Jezebell–    Jezebellearic    7:43
Jezebell–    Spring Calling (Cotton Bud Re-master)    7:00
Jezebell–    Re-Birth (Cotton Bud Re-master)    5:48
Jezebell–    Vibrations (Cotton Bud Re-master)    6:48
Jezebell–    Thrill Me    6:06
Jezebell–    Hush Hush (Cotton Bud Re-master)    6:22
Jezebell–    Hypnorise (Cotton Bud Re-master)    6:35
Jezebell–    Burning Bush    6:51
Jezebell–    Trading Places (3PM)    6:24
Jezebell–    Barothers    7:23
Man2.0–    Red Shift (Jezebell's Inner Child Mix)    5:40
D:Ream–    Pedestal (Jezebell's Dizzy Heights Dub)    7:55
Jezebell–    Wisdom    5:57
Jezebell–    Trading Places (11AM)    5:55
Jezebell–    Concurrence    5:36
Jezebell–    Bed Heads    6:16
Jezebell–    Can't Cope (Cotton Bud Re-master)    6:16
Jezebell–    Jezeblue    11:46
Jezebell–    Swamp Shuffle    6:16


Limited edition double vinyl release of Jezebell’s debut new-Balearic epic, which stylishly weaves the history of eclectic club classics through 16 tracks of downtempo, dub, and acid chug. Support from Trevor Fung, Luke Una, Justin Robertson, Leo Elstob, Bill Brewster, Danielle Moore, Sean Johnston, Duncan Gray, Nathan Gregory Wilkins, Tech Support, Lebollet …

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